The current Braille2000 version is: 2.277.

The latest release is dated 3/1/21: Read More from the tech blog so you're aware of changes that effect the talking edition. The post is dated March 3, 2021.

This is an image of the braille alphabet in simulated braille as written in grade 2

The Home Page

Welcome to Transcribing With Braille2000 As A Blind Person. My name is Jared Rimer. On these pages, I will be talking about learning how to Transcribe with Braille2000 as a blind person. I will also give you tips I've learned while taking the Braille Transcription course and learning Braille2000 at the same time.

Also, I will provide a tutorial via audio that will include demos of some of the concepts.

What Got Me Started With Braille2000?

You're probably wondering what got me started with Braille2000? In late 2018, I decided to get started with the certification of braille transcribing. To do this, I needed to sign up with the certifying authority. Because I don't have a mentor, the authority assigned me an instructor, and I've been progressing through the course. I've known of Braille2000 under a different name, and even when it changed names. I never used the software but have used others with no success on my part.

While I have found this software challenging, I liked its interface and knew it could be improved upon. This is why we've built the talking edition that is now available today.

The transcribers section will cover this aspect more in detail. I'll provide demos using what I created for some of my lessons using Jaws, and you can hear how this couldn't work when the lessons got progressively harder. I'll offer tips to help the blind transcriber use Braille2000 more effectively. I also will create simulated lesson material and I'll describe what I'm doing so people understand how the review process is done and the challenges that went with it.

What Do You Have to Offer?

Another great question! I'm offering a very comprehensive solution which is always being worked on. In early 2019, I started beta testing an assistant which has been fully developed and is ready to go. Thank you Bob, for your support during my journey through the transcribers course, and making this a dream come true! A full acknowledgement is found in our copyright and disclaimer notice found on each page.

While I'm blind myself and use assistive technology, Braille2000 did read my assignments while in print view with no problems. Within these pages, I'll discuss the difficulties I've had especially after continuing to fail because of the inconsistancies in my files as I relied strictly on the feedback I got from Jaws and it was not enough.

What is the audio and document repositories about?

The audio repository will have an audio tutorial on how the talking edition works which includes demos. The page will also allow you to download the demos directly on the site. A full zip copy of the tutorial as well as single files can be streamed directly from the site. It also will have a complete index of assignment audio specific things, and even discussions on various dialogue boxes and other aspects that we have not covered. Each section will be numbered so you can find it easily, and it'll be broken up in to headings to find the section to which you'd like to have.

We also have a documents repository that will have documents that will assist you learning the talking edition. The documentation will be in BRF, DXB, and RTF. We also will have an ascii braille chart which will aid the sighted utalizing the talking edition or assisting a blind individual using Jaws so they can know what its saying. Each document has several formats, and its broken in to list and sublist.

Questions, comments, or concerns?

Have questions? Have comments? Have concerns? Please learn how to contact the Braille2000 team so we can address your concerns. Without your feedback, this project can't grow, and we can't think of everything that people might want adjusted or changed.

Thank you for visiting our web site today, we hope it finds value in what you're looking for.


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If you wish to donate to this project and you find it of value, you may go to go to this paypal link to donate or go go to the JaredRimer Network donations page to do so. Its not required, but it would be appreciated. The best way to say thanks however is to buy the talking edition through Braille2000 as that is what this site is for.

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I would like to sincerely thank Bob Stepp at Braille 2000 for his hard dedicated work with this project. Without you, I'd be stuck using a product I am not too fond of, and I like the value of choice. Thank you so much for your assistance as we develop a great product.

I'd like to also thank any other testers used within this project and providing feedback. Without you, we are unable to find all possible issues and we thank you for providing that feedback. Please continue to do so.


Links on this web site are for informational purposes only. The experiences are my own, and your milage will vary. No answers on the transcription course are given, only experiences as I learn what the course wanted, and my knowledge of Braille 2000 grew. The tutorial and demos are for you to learn, and Braille 2000 staff encourages you to contact us with comments, questions, or concerns with the way the software works.

This site collects no personal information. A link to contact Jared Rimer at the accessibility department is provided and it is an off site email address. This domain is used as an informational source. Bob's information has been provided as a convenience, please contact Bob with specific technical issues beyond my scope and knowledge of the product. I'll be sure to let you know if I do not know about the issue, and we'll learn together. Please share your experiences! We work as a team, without you, the product couldn't be what it is today.