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Web development needs to be done right, even with as much accessibility as possible. Many people in the blind community will agree with me that a lot of web sites are not accessible enough or not at all.

My main strength is basic HTML, no fancy graphics, and little PHP experience. I can find the help to get things to work. I can get them to the point they are accessible and working with forms. Images can be alt tagged so that a screen reader knows what it is. All of these things are a start.

Hi, I'm Jared Rimer, and I run this web site. I've been doing web development since 2003 with my Superior Software Level One page and no HTML experience. I got a piece of script, and asked for assistance to get it to work a certain way on that site. It works beautifully. I dabbled in cold fusion to get a form to work in one provider's environment with their help. I moved providers and got that set of pages to work with a php script which seemed to be easy to handle with its options. I also built in 2003 the Music Education Network for the Visually Impaired, bridging the gap between the blind and music under those same conditions.

As MENVI grew, so did my dabbling in to tables, and now several web sites throughout my network use tables. Tables can be found on MENVI, My podcast page, and on my my Personal page just to name several. Lists weren't a big deal, and most of these pages have lists and you can find them while browsing around my network.

My other work

There used to be a site called JP Radio, which really got me started using tables. The site is no longer up, but the table structure was the same. I've also helped with a brand new site called jacobsexton.com and I did some redesign work for Timothy Appleby who is not hosted with us any longer and the domain he didn't want any longer.

I've always tried to be fair with my work, and everyone I've done work for is pleased with the job I've done with it. Throughout the years, I've learned accessibility tips such as captioning for tables, title tagging my form fields, and other small things that can help a person navigate a web page who is blind, including myself.


My pricing is the same as I would charge for level one technical support. $5 each 6 minute bracket up to 1 hour costing you $50 with you only paying for the time you use to do the job. For example, if you use 30 minutes of my time, it will be $25. The system is more exact in the pricing for this scheme than I have ever been, so it varies a little bit but it does come out correct in the long run.

Other people have charged more to the $100 to $200 range flat fee per hour to do web development, and have even put things together where they are not either accessible or usable to the disabled community.

What will be on this site?

On this site, I hope to do some examples of various types and how I've learned how to get things to work in code. This is the first time I've done this, so we're learning together. The way I've found that might make sense is to use a text area box which is normally used for forms, but i did see that this could be done so the browser does not run the code. You can also copy the code to use in your projects as well.

We'll cover a bit of basics, and forms, and skip the images because for a blind person, images are a bit difficult as we have to get help sizing it up, and it can take a bit of time. I can give you some tips on accessibility of images by adding the alt tag as part of the image which you can see plenty of examples on the web.


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