This is an image of the braille alphabet in simulated braille as written in grade 2

Assignment 1: Introduction to the braille cell

After learning Braille2000 and several assignments later, I did assignment 1 as a practice on 6-key entry. I did this assignment in October 2018, well before the "talking edition" was ever made. It had a list of words, no contractions, to type out. This assignment is not graded and is not submitted for grading. This assignment should be done in 6-key entry, although I was almost tempted just to type the words and see what the translation software would do.

This assignment teaches you the braille cell, and general concepts of letters and numbers.

If you choose to do this assignment as a practice before you dive in to the rest of the assignments, I would recommend turning on keyboard voice as you'll get the best feedback. To do this, use the quick control dialog ctrl+qq then type "vk" and press enter. Braille2000 will say "voice on" and you can type braille characters using the s, d, f, j, k, and l keys and get the proper feedback. Both screen readers will tell you the keys as in ascii, and that may be confusing to you, and your milage will vary.

Jaws will read these words without the aid of Braille2000 reading as there are no contractions. NVDA as discussed will not read anything in the reading panel. Depending on whether you decide on a running head for practice, your assignment will be 1 page, about 22 or 23 lines. If you use the blank line approach to the assignments as you'll learn on assignment 2, than it'll be approximately 24 lines.

This completes the assignment 1 overview.