This is an image of the braille alphabet in simulated braille as written in grade 2

Assignment 11: Shortforms

Are you ready for a complete mouthful of shortform contracted words of every type that have not been studied? It boggled my mind wwhy this course only taught 24 shortform words in 4 lessons and will dump the rest of the 49 or so in this one lesson. The beginning of the lesson talks about the 24 we've learned already briefly, plus adding the total of 75 different shortforms which are listed in alphabetical order and they are grouped together in "order to facilitate learning through association." The complete list is in the book the refer to as < The Rules of Unified English Braille, Second Edition 2013. There is now a 2016 version which should have the entire list as well.

In the braille copy, there are 4 different pages full of shortform words of varying sizes. Some of these are starred, which mean they have special meaning. Some of the words include, but not limited to:

This is only two pages and not every word on these pages. For the complete list, please listen to the audio that accompanys this assignment. Suffice it to say, if you've heard assignment 10, you'll note that unless you had punctuation on, you were screwed, and you must know the ASCII equivalent of the code just to try and pass.

This assignment takes you through a lot of these contractions of dos and don'ts and remember, to follow print for capitalization for shortform words as well. The example in the book is:

Please Come to Afternoon Tea at 5:00

This assignment was passed the first time. If you thought the first 10 were hard, just wait till we play this in JFW with the way I have Jaws set. To make it easier, I will turn on punctuation for Jaws to all, so that you can hear exactly what is going on and understand what its saying.

While I passed, there were two errors:

The assignment will be going in to a fifth page, but will not take an entire 5th page. It only takes several lines. Even with these minor mistakes, I think I've done pretty good for myself. You use 3-1 margins.


In the following audio demo, you'll hear this a little bit differently. As discussed, I'll turn on punctuation after I show you what its like without it. I'll also run through every single shortform word that wasn't covered, or may have already been covered within this lesson.

This completes the write up of this assignment.