This is an image of the braille alphabet in simulated braille as written in grade 2

Assignment 12: Grade 1 Indicators, Speech Hesitation or Elongation,
Sound Imitations, Lisped Words, more!

Welcome to assignment 12. I just can't fit this whole assignment title in this heading, because it is so long. We're done with contractions though, but the reason we're still in 6-key mode is because of something I discussed in assignment 10's audio. The signs for ness, ment, and others have the same symbol as the grade 1 indicator. This sign is the Grade 1 indicator and there are multiple version of this sign in UEB. Font attributes will be talked about later on in the book, but suffice it to say, this is the beginning of the many changes that accompany UEB.

In this assignment, there are quite a few definitions that are discussed which are promonent for this assignment.

Other terms may include letter-sequence, symbol-sequence, and terminator.

In the following audio, we'll talk about these types of things, and go through some examples of what happened. Before I do that, lets talk about the assignment as I had done it.

This assignment took me two tries. It seems like this is the common theme, two tries as of late. On March 18, 2019: I got my first report. I really thought I had understood this assignment to the best of my ability, and boy, was I wrong.

This assignment must be one of the hardest to understand, but it isn't the only one. Assignments 14 and 15 to be studied later needed the maximum number of tries to pass. I'm ashamed of myself, I really thought I was on to something when I thought I understood and did 6 key entry.

To add insult to injury, I was told to proof my work multiple times, and a 9 day ban. Trust me, I think I took longer than that. Time to lick my wounds and try again.

On the 28th of March, I passed. To add insult to injury, there were some errors, and a 26 day waiting period. Lets see what else I could get wrong with this assignment.

If done correctly, even with the few mistakes I still have, you should be somewhere on your 4th page.

Now for the grusome task of the next assignment, but before that, the audio for this one. In it, I'll discuss this at length with definitions, and we'll go through a few items and maybe one of the mistakes I don't believe I fixed.

This completes the write up of this assignment. I think the next ones will be better, although several took three tries, one of which was asked for and I understood. More on that later.