This is an image of the braille alphabet in simulated braille as written in grade 2

Assignment 16: Modified Letters, More On Quotation Marks, Foreign Words In English Text,
Spanish Punctuation, Greek Letters, Old and Middle English,
More On Translation Software

This is where Braille2000 gets a serious upgrade in the exact aspect. Since I personally have felt that simple questions or clarifications have not been met, I had enquired Bob to find someone who won't give the answers, but point me in the right direction of what is expected. I'd personally like to thank Lynnette Taylor for her understanding when contacting her that I don't expect the answers, but tell me what numbers are wrong without telling me the correct answers. Lynnette Taylor did this in this assignment as I have two braille copies and was able to pass with those errors.

I wanted to submit on the 17th or so of November, but got an automated email to submit with the date of December 3. I submitted and passed with the ST contraction not contracted as it should be. Thats my error. The instructor also gave me errors that the centered headings for assignment number I.E. LESSON 16 was not centered. It was. On further investigation as I worked on 17, there was an issue where a space within the percent code caused an additional space to be put in the file, whereby causing the potential issue reported within this assignment. The percent runhead must be on a line of its own, and the running head text also on a line of its own. When this occurred and a space ended the line, Bob reports that it broke the centering of the text and this has been fixed.

I passed this assignment on December 3, 2019: as I said. The road to this point was quite interesting as Braille2000 did not understand Greek. It also did not understand a lot of the modifiers because the PDF to RTF conversion was not correct.

On one item, Braille2000 put a whole bunch of "I don't understand" and it was totally wrong. It wasn't Greek like the Braille gave me. I had to enter the Greek by hand.

Some of my perril came when I was told that capitalization didn't match on a number. I clearly was looking at the braille and the simulated print, and Lynette sent an email to Bob saying I wasn't getting it. This was the time where Exact was born, and I used it to finish this assignment.

There are different types of qotes, and the rules for them seemed simple enough. I made sure I understood this as this was translated correctly using PDF to RTF translation.

Modified letters were not much of a problem for the most part, although great care is to be done with this assignment. The assignment itself has 25 problems, in 3-1 sentences, but a lot of hard work looking at the print VS braille. Since I had a lot of time, I really made sure that three braille copies to which I have to floating around here were enough. I used them to assist me, but the exact mode became the vocal point I needed to finally fix what was being told to me. Tnanks Miss Taylor for your understanding, I really appreciated the help.


In this audio, I'll demo all of the particulars of this assignment where exact gave me the leg up. I'll also show you the RTF translation where it just wasn't enought for B2K alone.

That completes the write up on assignment 16.