This is an image of the braille alphabet in simulated braille as written in grade 2

Assignment 2: Capitalization, Paragraphing, Page Numbering, Punctuation, and numbers with hyphens

When I signed up for the course, the email said not to submit assignment 1 as discussed in its file. You may need to submit assignment 1, please make sure you read the instructions in the welcome Email. It is important that the first assignment is done by following the instructions given by the instructor or authority.

Assignment 2 has some things that I had no idea how to do. I come from a period of time where I learned transcription software in DOS. Without going in to detail of that, I contacted Bob and was able to submit my first assignment in September 2018.

There were several errors in the document which I did not think was a big deal. Since I'm a braille reader, I thought that it would be fine to submit the transcription of the exercise asI thought it should be done. Every lesson is done in grade 1 in the book, even after you are done with the first 12.

There were several different errors, but two of them jumpped out at me. I initially sent a BRF file to the address I was told to send my first assignment to. One of which was puzzling to me. In my file, I had put page numbers and was taught how to do that in B2K. I even verified that by opening the BRF in my copy of B2K and said that the file did definitely have page numbers.

There were definite errors that needed correcting, including two contractions in one sentence. This was puzzling to me because I already know braille, but the goal here is to do the lessons as discussed, and it was a lesson I needed to learn.

The assignment also teaches running heads, as well as the above page numbering. Because Braille2000 had some speech, Bob taught me basics on doing page numbering and running heads. A demo of this will be made available on this page so you can hear how this is done.

I submitted the lesson again several days later, and I passed although there were three errors. The assignments can be passed with less than 5 errors, and this is up to the grader. There were several errors in assignment 2 I've not bothered to correct, in regards to capitalization. B2K did it one way, and while there was no speech mechanism, I went character by character with Jaws and the book. A lot of lessons were done this way, and I believe the talking edition would help with this aspect.

Here are some tipsI can recommend for you.

Now, sit back with me as I demo some of the functionality of Braille2000 as I had learned it. I'll do sample material not from the book, as I had done it with Jaws.

That completes assignment 2's notes.