This is an image of the braille alphabet in simulated braille as written in grade 2

Assignment 3: Quotation marks, Apostrophe, Square Brackets, Brackets, Omission, Low Line and Slash

When I saw on assignment 3 the term low line I thought "what?" There is no such thing as low line and sure enough, they are talking about the underline or underscore symbol which is shift-dash on your computer keyboard. So, begins the daunting task of learning UEB terminology as well as how to even do this.

I thought for a moment, I understood this lesson, but sadly, I did not really understand it as I had hoped. This assignment was first graded on October 30, 2018: I had some pretty glaring errors that I can look back on. For example, capitalization errors on the running head of the entire file. We demoed this on file 200 of this web site found on assignment 2 as well as the audio repository.

Here is where the fun begins. On one of the items, I had a punctuation error. The sentence said:

Tom B______ is a d__n idiot if he doesn't take John's old job.
I was told to look at a single section you'll need to look at when you take the course. The continuation of a term called malformed line is also mentioned in this report.

As many of you know, in braille, there isn't anything called malformed line unless you're talking about a line of code in programming or some form of HTML or web languages. This is not going to be the first time this error has been talked about in my assignment reports, and honestly, this should be done away with. Other sentences have capitalization and malformed line issues, but one just said malformed line with no reference to why.

I ended up passing the 2nd time, finding all of the errors and thumbing through the lesson again.

This might be a good idea to talk about and even demo something that I needed to do before the talking edition. If I was in the middle of this assignment, I would stop, save my file, and do something else. Getting back to the assignment proved easy enough, up and down arrow to determine where I was.

In Braille2000, I would use my arrow keys, to determine where I was, and do my assignment as I thought it should be. Well, I found out that somehow, before I submitted it, that the layout was 12-1 (cell 12 runover 1) and I have never heard of this before. This is outright crazy but yet, it completely makes sense.

In the demo that attaches this assignment, you'll hear about some more menu options that I had to learn about to get the understanding I needed on how this was spaced. I took it to heart on subsequent lessons.

If done correctly as my second submission was, you should be somewhere on the third page. The final line on my file shows that I end the file on line 12, as there are three lines for my address. The address portion does not count, although you should match the address as you provided during signup.

That completes the write up on this assignment!