This is an image of the braille alphabet in simulated braille as written in grade 2

Assignment 8: Lower groupsigns for bb, cc, ff, gg, ea
More Shortforms

Assignment 8 is going to start with a serious question. While everything in this lesson is practically the same as EBAE, why did the UEB standard delete the DD contraction? If UEB is to save space, you just created two cells for the price of one. One answer, to be learned later when URL's are covered, is that you can use the dots for DD as the period within URL's. Thats very logical, however, you're not saving space with this move. URL's in general are to be covered later in the course, and I'll just get off my mini soap box.

The contractions for BB, CC, FF, GG, and EA are cleverly known as the sandwich contractions according to the book. We were taught contractions, not sandwich contractions. Sorry! No real showstoppers in the words given here where these contractions should not be used, i.e. tea, easy, sheriff's, and ebb-tide just for a couple of examples. I was happy to see that and glad I didn't have to learn a whole new ruleset.

In the EA contraction section, we are reminded of the common bridge gap rule again, but that falls in words like reduce, reread, and others from prior lessons as well. Words in this section include preamble and readjust. I'm happy we keep this rule in tact, it sure makes pronouncing words much easier this way, don't you think?

There are more examples in which the combined word rule is kept in place like words like pineapple, dumbbell, and poleax. Also, the contraction preference isn't changed in words like office, learn, theater, and meander.

The shortforms used in this lesson we get to learn and demo today include: about, above, because, below, first, and great. Why are you all over the place? In the last assignment, we learned words like: good, letter, little, paid, quick, and said. I would have hoped but not surprising, that we would go in some alphabetical order. For those who aren't blind, this would sure make it easier.

On January 8, 2019: I got my report back on this assignment. This is the only report that I have, because I passed the first time. The only blemish was a contraction error which I made which caused a malformed line. The instructor was clearrer in this regard, thanks very much! If you do this correctly, you should be on your fourth page. Your milage will vary on the exact ending of the file taking in to account your address at the end.


The audio demo shown here will show how Jaws and the talking edition work with this lesson. Remember, while we may take from the book, the exact number of any problem may change so no answers are given.

That completes the write up on this assignment.